Air Lease Corporation (Air Lease) is a leading aircraft leasing company principally engaged in purchasing commercial aircraft and leasing them to its valued airline customers worldwide.
Air Lease was incorporated in Delaware and launched in February 2010.
Air Lease’s ticker is AL and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Air Lease has been quoted on the NYSE since April 19, 2011.
Air Lease’s corporate headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.
Air Lease Corporation, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1000N, Los Angeles, CA 90067.
Air Lease’s independent auditors are KPMG LLP.
December 31st is the fiscal year end and fourth quarter end. First quarter end is March 31st, second quarter end is June 30th and third quarter end is September 30th.
Air Lease’s annual shareholder meeting was last held on May 5, 2021. Our next shareholder meeting will be in 2022.
Air Lease does not have a direct stock purchase plan. AL stock may be purchased through brokerages that deal in securities listed on the NYSE.
Air Lease’s transfer agent is American Stock Transfer. American Stock Transfer manages all matters related to stock that is directly registered with Air Lease Corporation. They can be contacted at (877) 833-6643 and their website can be located at www.amstock.com.
Air Lease has paid a quarterly dividend, uninterrupted, since the first quarter of 2013. The Board regularly reviews the appropriate level of dividend. For additional information on our dividend, please see our most recent public filing available on the Financial Reports section of our website.
By mail: Air Lease Corporation, Investor Relations Department, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067.
By phone: (310) 553-0555
By email: [email protected]
Air Lease provides substantial information on our website. To receive hard copies of our latest annual report, financial statements or proxy please email [email protected] or call (310) 553-0555 and request to speak with the Investor Relations Department.
Other Contacts
Investor Relations
Jason Arnold
Vice President, Investor Relations
Phone: +1 310.553.0555
Fax: +1 310.553.0999
Shareowner Account Matters
American Stock Transfer is Air Lease Corporation's transfer agent and administers all matters related to stock that is directly registered with Air Lease Corporation.
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
Phone: 877.833.6643
Media Relations
Laura Woeste
Senior Manager, Media and Investor Relations
Ashley Arnold
Manager, Media & Investor Relations
Phone: +1 310.553.0555
Fax: +1 310.553.0999